Petrihor (/ˈpɛtrɪˌkɔːr/) [1]  is the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil.


In order for Petrihor to exist, there must first be a Long Lasted Drought. 


Every person has drought periods and that is what connects us. Imperfections make everyone unique in their own way. The character of a person is never complete without imperfections, never a whole in its true nature.


That is what gives meaning to the rain. 


That is what gives meaning to accomplishments.


Rain embodies the end of the drought. This is the reason why everyone loves the smell of rain. Everyone loves Petrihor.


Three young people from Thessaloniki Greece started to transform their aesthetic perspective into garments, hoping to provide that feeling of a place where the drought is gone, a place to rest. 


The minimalist  silhouettes, colour palettes and premium materials are the tools we use to provide this experience of completion and rest, after long droughts.